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What About Money Is Important To You?

Listen. Plan. Grow.


Based on your values and goals, we work together to understand what is most important to you and your family.  


We provide you with easy-to-understand recommendations and implementation of the plan.  All findings will be distilled into a one page document that will be constantly updated.    


Our investment approach allows us to custom tailor portfolios to specific client needs and adjust as necessary.  

The Breakout Planning Process 

The Elements Financial Planning System is a proactive system that helps us actively plan for your financial success instead of simply reacting to what life throws at you.

Easy-to-Understand Mobile App

Browse your financial information in an intuitive mobile app that lets you know how well your plan is working. No long spreadsheets to try to understand, just simple snapshots that give us a clear understanding of your financial life.


To learn how the Elements® function, click on one of the four main questions answered by the table or select an individual block for further explanation.

We believe taxes will be higher in the future and are helping our clients plan for this inevitability.

Pairing world-class advice with down-to-earth conversations.

What many people don’t expect when they work with us — we’re human too. We’ve made our fair share of mistakes. These mistakes helped us grow and become the competent advisors we are today. Without these lessons, we would be left referencing textbooks, subjective news commentary, or even worse, chasing investment returns. 

Our goal for every one of our clients is that after each meeting, you’ll feel more confident that your money is here to be an engine of opportunity, not anxiety.

Phil Telpner Photo

Phil Telpner


My earliest memories of being exposed to the stock market are drawn from experiences with both of my grandfathers. As immigrants without any formal education, investing was a way for them to partake of the American dream and grow their limited but hard-earned wealth. I have memories of being at my grandparents’ home on a Friday night and watching Louis Rukeyser’s “Wall Street Week” on public television in the 1980s. Occasionally, I would even receive a share or two of stock for my birthday and with that, my passion for investing and the capital markets was born.

After college graduation, I went to work on the floor of the exchange and before long, I scraped up a little money and leased a membership at the Chicago Board of Trade. At that time, the 30-Year Treasury Bond pit was the largest, most active futures contract in the world. That’s where my journey began. While personally trading a thousand contracts a day at times, I saw firsthand how devastating a lack of discipline and planning can be to your financial health.  

 After a series of business opportunities, I was offered a wealth management position with the Wall Street firms Morgan Stanley and later at JP Morgan. The training and experience at the big firms was great but with their emphasis on selling financial products, I became frustrated. My compensation was largely based on what I sold, not on how I advised regarding wealth accumulation, retirement or tax planning. I had learned years ago from my father, a CPA with his own practice, that relationships are your most valuable asset.  My father, in fact, has served some clients and their families for over 50 years- and that is not an accident.  

 My firm, Breakout Private Wealth, was founded on that principle.    

 Everything begins and ends with my family. My boys, Andrew and Blake, now teenagers, have taught me more about life than any book or designation. Our time together at the rink, on the field or just at home challenges me to continue to be a better version of myself. My wife Jami, who had no idea that a blind date at the Chicago Blackhawks game twenty plus years ago would turn into a lifetime of hockey rinks and a garage full of sporting equipment, , keeps us all on track.   

At Breakout Private Wealth, we’ve intentionally created a culture that eliminates any anxiety you have about money and investments.  When we meet, either in person, or via Zoom, you will immediately feel a sense of confidence and clarity.

Benefits of Working With Us

Like you, we’ve made financial mistakes.

No one is perfect, and we don’t expect you to be either. We strive to create an open, nonjudgmental space where you can share your concerns and worries without feeling embarrassed or anxious.  We know managing your own money is a huge source of stress and anxiety.    Our planning and investment process will add clarity and confidence, and remove the fear and anxiety surrounding your financial life. 

Our #1 goal is to listen.

 We believe in goals and values over a "magic" portfolio, or some super secret investment pitched by your broker.  Every client and family situation is unique and our process treats it as such. Aligning goals and values with financial planning and investments is our mission.  

Add Massive Value.

Our goal as a company is  to add value to every relationship over and above the fees that our clients pay.  If we do not succeed at this, we do not deserve your business. Traditional brokers at big banks and Wall Street firms will attempt to "outperform" the market via fancy sounding portfolios and managers.  The academic evidence does not support these claims and in fact will only make money for the broker, bank, or institution.  Our process focuses on independent,  Nobel Prize winning research. 

1.  Tax Management.  We believe in paying our fair share, just no more.  If you believe taxes will increase in the future, as we do, implementing certain strategies now will be key to not being subject to these increases in the future.  The savings over time can be significant and may result in a tax free retirement!

2. Smarter Investing:  In over thirty years of being involved in the capital markets we believe there has never been a better time to be an investor.  We formed Breakout Private Wealth as an independent company, not beholden to expensive, outdated, or inefficient portfolio management.  We did our own research, spent our own money, to bring you the best investing experience available.  

3. Income Optimization.  Since you can not eat your 401k turning assets into income,  or simply,  "How much can I spend?", is one of the biggest retirement challenges we face today.  "How can I mitigate the effects of a rising tax rate?" How big of an impact will inflation have on my wealth?  When do I take Social Security?  How can I efficiently contribute to my favorite charity?  Our planning process provides clear guidance on these topic and many more.